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Butler's PantryOne of our favorite parts about building custom homes is unique spaces. Because every client gets to decide exactly what they do and do not want in their custom-built dream home, no two homes are exactly the same. Additional rooms and spaces are always added in the plans to suit the individual needs of each client. One unique space we are always excited to build is a butler’s pantry! This handy space usually joins a kitchen to a dining room by way of a narrow room or pantry. In today’s modern homes this space may join the garage to the kitchen or the kitchen to the mudroom or laundry room. We have coined this room the “Hyphen Area” due to it’s long and thin layout connecting two rooms – it just looks like a hyphen! The Hyphen is not only convenient but also serves many uses in a modern home!

Any host or hostess that loves to entertain guests in their home knows how useful a butler’s pantry is. When large dinner parties or groups of people are over, this drop zone can provide extra space to house drinks for refills, various snacks or appetizers to replenish plates when they get low and quick access to cleaning supplies in case any spills happen. A butler’s pantry allows you to put just the most needed items closer for efficiency and ease.

This unique area’s convenience doesn’t end at dinner parties. Another great use of a butler’s pantry is storage! This space has lots of options for personalization. It can be organized with cabinets, drawers and shelving choices. It can include a sink or a mini-refrigerator, a bourbon bar or even a wine cooler. This is the perfect place to store any china or nicer plate sets that don’t see everyday use. If you have dishes or silverware that only come out on the holidays or special occasions, a butler’s pantry is a convenient way to store them somewhere safe and accessible without crowding the kitchen cabinets.

The best part about a butler’s pantry is that the options are endless. Whether you use it more traditionally like a drop zone and storage, or you take a different approach, it is useful all the same. Coffee drinkers and tea aficionados alike might use this space as a place to keep all the small appliances and knick-knacks needed to make a piping hot beverage in the morning. Bakers can store all their cake decorating equipment in this space to keep everything organized. Bartenders or amateur mixers can practice whipping up the perfect cocktail to serve at the next family function. Whatever the need is, we are sure you can find a use for this unique space!

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