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The spaces within our homes and the ways in which we use them have changed drastically over the past couple of months due to outside factors, including the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. With people working remotely and children attending school and learning virtually, the need for home offices and study spaces are more necessary than ever.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to incorporate these functional working spaces within the home without much effort at all! With some creativity and efficient thinking, as well as the possibility for a few custom features, homeowners can create a work and learning environment designed for productivity.

Plan out the Space

The first thing to consider when planning a work or study space is location and set up. Ideally, this space should be in a quiet area where productivity can take place and disruptive sights and sounds are limited. Setting up in a high-traffic area of the home like a family room or kitchen might lead to numerous distractions throughout the day.

While spare bedrooms, lofts, basements or dens are ideal for work and study stations, think outside the box and consider underused spaces as well. A wide hallway, roomy closet or a stair landing can easily be transformed into quaint learning spaces for young children to read, study or complete online assignments.

Of course, no matter the space, make sure there is a clean surface to work at, comfortable seating and an area that is large enough to work in whether that is for homework or running a business. And, because everyone needs a little change of scenery sometimes, consider having multiple work zones throughout the home for different projects or school assignments.

home offices and learning spaces

Get Creative with Storage

Working and learning from home means it’s important to have the necessary materials on hand. These materials need somewhere to go which is where effective storage solutions come into play. When shopping for new work-from-home furniture, consider desks with built-in drawers, and shelves and cubbies for storing away office supplies or school essentials.

If your home office or workspace is in a spare bedroom or area with a nearby closet, utilize the abundance of storage opportunities within it and store office supplies there for easy access. Get creative with storage around the desk area by using mugs for writing utensils, pegboards for hanging important papers and even floating shelves for holding books.

At the end of the day, your work or study space should have all of the essentials nearby in an organized manner for quick access. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches and decorations to make this space truly your own.

Comfortable and Clutter-Free

A comfortable and clutter-free work environment is essential to a productive day. Anyone sitting at a desk or computer all day needs to have a set up that allows them to work in a way that allows for maximum focus throughout the day. Getting through a long work week is hard enough without the added distractions and comforts of home!

Consider investing in ergonomic chairs and ensure that work areas have enough space to comfortably sit, stretch and work. To ensure the work area is clean and clutter-free, make sure that only essential items like laptops, books and writing utensils are on the desk. Use the storage solutions mentioned above to organize items and keep them within easy reach for the day ahead.

Above all else, be sure to keep your work and study space separate from the rest of the home. While it might be easy to start mixing and bringing other parts of the home into this space, it is important to ensure the work and study space is just that – a place for work and study!

Custom Office Solutions

Not all homes are built with home offices or virtual learning in mind, leaving homeowners with not much space to work with. At Generation Homes, we are here to provide the solutions to all of your problems through custom home office features designed and built to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a built-in corner desk to maximize space or custom built-in cabinetry and cubbies for storing away supplies, we are here to bring those idea’s to life. Specialty areas like these are some of our favorite areas to work with. If you need multiple zones within the home for work or learning, we are more than happy to create these designated spaces with the whole family’s needs in mind. Start thinking about what custom office features you want in your home and give us a call. Remember, no idea is too big!

To read more about our home organization tips and tricks, make sure to visit our blog section at To get started on your custom-built dream home today, all us at 843-696-1975.