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custom home builder CharlestonOne of the biggest questions that comes with buying a home is whether to buy a pre-existing home or build brand new. When buying a home, it’s important to find a space that fits your style, needs and comfort. Finding a pre-existing home that matches your exact criteria can be stressful and oftentimes impossible. Luckily, custom homes have everything you could want and need built right in.

If you’re still on the fence, here are the top five reasons to build a custom home in Charleston:

  1. Unique to You

Building a custom home means building a space that is unique to you. Most new homes will allow the homeowner to make decisions regarding certain aspects of the home such as cabinet or countertop finishes. However, custom home buyers have complete creative control over every aspect. From picking the perfect piece of land or home site to the floor plan to the design of each space, every decision is chosen according to your life and style.

  1. Brand New and Low-Maintenance

One of the drawbacks of purchasing a pre-existing (aka used) home is the risk of running into maintenance issues and repairs. Buying a custom-built home is a long-term financial commitment in terms of maintenance and repairs. Homeowners have the luxury of owning a newly constructed home built with up-to-date technology and quality material that are made to last. This means more time enjoying your new home and less time focusing on costly repairs. Most custom home builders also provide warranties for their homes for additional home security and peace of mind.

  1. Build Within Your Budget

While many assume that custom homes are expensive to build, they don’t have to be. In fact, building a custom home can actually be rather affordable. When building a custom home, the homebuyer has total control of their investment with the freedom to choose where in the home they would like to invest. At Generation Homes, we are more than willing to build within your budget to create the home of your dreams.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Building energy-efficient homes is now a standard home building practice and one that custom home builders embrace. Custom homes are built using the latest building code and technology trends in order to provide maximum home comfort and efficiency. Owner and founder of Generation Homes, Andy Barber, is a certified Green Building Professional. Our home buyers can be assured that their custom homes offer the best in energy efficiency, resource conservation, water conservation and indoor air quality.

  1. Located Where You Want

One of the top reasons to build a custom home is the ability to choose where your home is located. Whether you already have land, plan to buy land or prefer to build in an established community, these are all options a custom builder can help with. This allows you to build a home you love without having to compromise on a great location near great schools and popular areas. With the many fantastic locations to build a home all around Charleston, we expect picking your favorite will be the hardest part!

For more information regarding our custom-built homes or how to get started on building your very own custom home in Charleston, contact us at (843) 696-1975 or visit us at