The Modern Day Farmhouse

What better way to get your very own fresh start, than with a brand-new home! Our Generation Homes team has been hard at work building a beautiful quick move-in home in West Ashley.

Modern Farmhouse Home Designs


You Don’t Have to Bet the Farm To Have Your Dream Farmhouse!

When you think of a farmhouse, what comes to mind? A fire in the fireplace, open design, exposed ceiling beams, and a large front porch with comfy chairs to relax and enjoy the day?

The modern farmhouse brings those cozy features together to recreate the designs that inspire country living’s warmth and simplicity. Plans for the new farmhouse home feature two stories, dormers, wood frame construction, porches, big kitchens for family gatherings, fireplaces and décor that contribute to the warmth and comfort of home on a farm.

In previous years, those aspiring to a farmhouse residence would convert a barn, which could be found in rural regions. Now there are house plans for those who want to build a new farmhouse on their own land. The plans are well designed and give attention to the smallest details for a contemporary farmhouse design.


Building a Home Takes Commitment and Resilience

If you have those in abundance together with the desire to create a functional and beautiful farmhouse, and if you are willing to serve as your own interior design consultant, then jump in and take the challenge.

It’s a fact that a well-designed farmhouse falls among the more expensive custom homes. Here are a few of the things that contribute to the cost:

  • The steep roofs require more material and more time to install. Dormers and extra windows add dollars to the bottom line.
  • The porches, which are essential, require a foundation and additional roofing because you do want them covered.
  • The vertical batten siding required for the distinctive farmhouse look is more expensive than horizontal vinyl siding.
  • The vaulted ceilings are considered a luxury feature and are costly due to additional framing materials and labor.
  • A sizeable kitchen is a showcase feature of the modern farmhouse and requires more cabinets and counters.

There are ways to work around your budget and create a farmhouse of your dreams. These homes are customizable, and it’s possible to plan the desired components and special touches into your home and still stay within your budget.  Generation Homes builds custom homes including the modern farmhouse.  We look forward to working with you to design and build your new dream home.