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laundry room organization - custom home builder Charleston

With the season for spring cleaning quickly approaching, it’s a good time to make a plan of how to tackle the house! Start one room at a time and why not start with the one room of the home where a lot of cleaning already takes place: the laundry room. Laundry room spaces are designed for practicality and should be organized the same way. At Generation Homes, we understand the importance of a well-organized laundry room and aim to provide our homeowners with just that.

Laundry Product Purge

The first step to cleaning your laundry room is to have a laundry product purge. Gather your current stash of laundry or cleaning items and go through them one-by-one. Throw away any products that are expired, old, empty or belong in a different area of the house and keep those that you use regularly. By simply looking through the items in the laundry room, you might be surprised by the number of objects that either don’t belong or need to be disposed of. This is a great way to control the clutter!

Separate Like Items by Theme

More than likely, the products you keep aren’t all necessarily laundry related. The best way to organize a laundry room is to separate like items by theme. When organizing your items, place these grouped items together in spaces that makes sense for how you clean. Keep laundry related cleaning items close to your washer and dryer for easy access. Then place other frequently used items such as household cleaning supplies within reach. This helps prevent needless searching later, and also helps with the overall organization of the laundry room.

Be Creative with Organizing

Laundry rooms can be difficult to organize, so creativity is key. Organizing themed items with labeled baskets and containers is a great way to store cleaning products within cabinets, shelves or countertop spaces. For smaller laundry rooms, take advantage of valuable wall, ceiling and door space. Transform an empty wall into a shelf or folding station, hang a door organizer to store laundry essentials or hang a drying rack overhead. The possibilities are endless!

Built-in Laundry Storage

When in doubt, build built-ins! One of the perks of building a custom home is the ability to personalize with custom features that fit your needs. Built-in laundry storage allows for ample storage options for hiding and storing laundry items, as well as other built-in features such as hampers, shelving, countertop folding stations, drying racks and even a mudroom addition.

With a clean and organized layout, doing laundry can be loads of fun! To learn more about how our team at Generation Homes can meet any and all of your home organization and kitchen needs, visit