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Walk-in Closets - custom home builders CharlestonAfter spending so much time in the house, it’s natural to start to feel a little overcrowded or like it is time to declutter your home. That is why we decided to share a few of our favorite organization tricks to help declutter your living space and create a space that is peaceful and relaxing. We recommend starting with the closets! Organizing these functional spaces not only helps every knick-knack and object find a place but also frees up some extra room you might not know you had!

Condense Space

The first thing to try when organizing your closets is to go through and figure out what doesn’t belong. After months or years of storing things in a closet, it can start to fill up with random objects that might have a better place. Look at each closet in your home and designate it with a purpose. Then, remove anything that doesn’t belong and place it in the correct closet. Take all the objects left over and store them in an attic or garage, figure out where they belong in the home, donate them or throw them away depending on the items. Once this is complete, you might be surprised by how much room is left in each of your closets!

Get Creative with Storage

Even after organizing and condensing space, some closets might still be a little full. Bedroom closets that typically hold lots of clothes and shoes get crowded pretty fast. For these areas, we suggest getting creative with the space! Consider using totes or vacuum seal bags to store seasonal clothing. This way, you only have to worry about the clothes and shoes you are most likely to use during the appropriate time of year. Label everything to make it easier to find what you need later on! Also consider adding in shelving, over-the-door-organizers and other low-cost items that can be self-installed. A simple shoe rack or cube storage organizer helps ensure every item has a place without getting pushed into a corner or forgotten on the floor.

Custom Closets

If you have done your best to organize the closets in your home, but are still finding it hard to store everything, consider a custom closet. The best part about adding custom closets is you are totally in control of every design aspect! If dozens of shoes occupy space in a closet, add built-in wall shelving to organize them. For even more storage options, a center island or vanity might do the trick! Whatever the need is, we know how to help. At Generation Homes, we specialize in creating custom-built homes with every room designed to our client’s exact wants and needs. Start thinking about what custom features you want in your home and give us a call!

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