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So, you have decided to build and design a custom home in Charleston? Congratulation! At Generation Homes, it all starts with the design process! Unlike other custom home builders, we offer a unique approach to the design process that includes walking our clients through every step to ensure they are properly informed and involved. From selecting and designing the floor plan to customizing interior features, our clients are just as much a part of the home building process as we are.

There are two ways to design a Charleston custom build home with Generation Homes. We offer in-house design services, but we are also happy to work with your local architect. We work diligently to design and customize home plans for your needs. During this initial step, clients sit down and discuss where they would like their home built, their preferred style of home and everything they want the home to include. Our designers and architects review design options and ask a lot of questions in order to truly understand the client’s lifestyle, budget and priorities. From there, we create a customized plan that will enhance their lifestyle.

Nobody likes surprise costs, including us. That is why we offer our custom home clients a “no surprises” building experience where all costs are established during the design process. Part of our “secret formula” is to be fully transparent about costs and budgets. We work to ensure that your wants and needs balance with the available budget. At Generation Homes, we strive to design a home to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Sometimes this is challenging because one of the distinctive qualities of building a custom home is the ability to add personalized touches. And, while the endless possibilities of customizable features are exciting, they can cause the home to go over budget by running up additional charges that may not be expected. We often show our customers what size and type of home to expect at various different price points, this helps greatly to set expectations. We also work to show finishes and selections that help to keep your home within budget. While the sky is the limit at most plumbing, lighting and cabinetry showrooms, we know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

When sitting down at your design meeting, we be completely transparent about all costs involved including various add-ons, features and upgrades. By having our clients involved in the design process, helping them to understand what size of custom home they can afford for their budget and working with clients on finishes, we keep our clients informed about what they are paying for. We respect our client’s budgets and make sure to design with their needs and financial means at all times.

Whether you design a home in-house with Generation Homes or with the help of a local architect, we are here to help you design a custom home in Charleston that exceeds your expectations.

For more information regarding our custom-built homes or how to get started on building your very own custom home in Charleston, contact us at (843) 696-1975 or visit us at