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Outdoor Living Screened in Porch - custom home builder CharlestonMaybe you are stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! Homes with beautiful and functional outdoor living areas are definitely being enjoyed right now. Not only is the weather beautiful, but everyone is finding themselves home more than usual. If you don’t have an outdoor living area, or yours isn’t as functional as you want it to be, take a look at a few of our favorite ways to add outdoor fun to any home!

Outdoor Kitchens

No outdoor living space is complete without a kitchen or cooking area! Get ready for summer barbeques, eating while watching the beautiful Carolina sunset and spending time laughing with the family until dark. The best way to achieve this is with an outdoor cooking space. One unique addition that is very popular amongst our clients is a built-in grill. A stainless steel or ceramic grill is perfect for braving all types of weather without getting damaged or worn. Incorporating a built-in grill option is a perfect way to create a seamless transition between the cooking area and the prep station. Your prep station can be as simple as extra counter space or expanded to include sinks, warming stations and refrigeration space. No matter what, we suggest researching a few grilling techniques because you’re going to want to cook every meal outside once the outdoor kitchen is complete!

Covered Patios and Decks

Nothing is worse than planning a fun-filled cookout or relaxing family dinner, only to have the night ruined by unpredictable weather. Fortunately, covered decks and patios are becoming more and more popular! Covering the outdoor living area with a roof extension from the house elevates the entire look of the space while also providing future convenience in case of rain or extreme heat. Several customization options are available, as well including permanent half walls for a more enclosed space, completely open sides for better airflow and screens that offer a combination of both benefits. Adding ceiling fans to these outdoor living spaces always extends the amount of time they are enjoyed.

Built-in Storage

After planning the perfect outdoor living area, you’ll want to keep it tidy and relaxing for maximum enjoyment. One great way to help achieve this is built-in storage options. If the kids are big sports fanatics or can’t get enough of the pool, maybe consider adding in a closet or built-in storage containers to keep all the equipment organized and out of sight. You can also choose options like benches with storage space underneath to expand storage space and provide a fun place to sit!

Start thinking about what your perfect outdoor living arrangement looks like and call us at 843-696-1975. You can also get more inspiration and ideas by reading other blogs on our website